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i saw a clockwork orange last weekend and all i could think about was how the lead looked like evan peters tbh

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Artist: Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles,

dick bigger than a tower I ain’t talking about Eiffels.

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Artist: Devendra Banhart


For all the mistakes
We’ve yet to make

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Boy: I’m a gentleman

*makes racial slur*

*calls a girl slutty for her shorts*

*makes homophobic comment*

*makes rape joke*

*calls feminists fat, unwanted, hairy lesbians*

*blames homeless people for their poverty*

*says women belong in the kitchen along with repeated sandwich jokes*

*is a Republican*

*kicks puppy*

Boy: Stay classy

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remember when zayn was racially profiled at the airport and brought in for questioning despite the fact that he is in the biggest boyband in the world.

is that not enough for yall to understand?

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Kim and Kanye leaving the Royal Monceau Hotel to head to the Balmain SS15 show 9/25/14

this is fucking next level
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People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is known as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.

Also PoC erasure, most people don’t know he was 100% Indian

Specifically he was Parsi.
Also raised Zeroastrian.


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Check out my new playlist! :)

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The Kearsarge at Boulogne, (detail). Édouard Manet.
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A gold facial is a treatment that lifts and firms the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brighten the skin, using a cream made with 24 carat gold foil.
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:( never could solve this :(